Raksha Bandhan Gifting Ideas for Sisters

Quarrels, banter, or unconditional love, whatever the equation with your brother or sister maybe. Raksha Bandhan is a good occasion for mingling or taking your loved ones from your own wish list. If you’ve covered your time at home under a lockdown or kept up with each other through FaceTime, express your gratitude to this Rakhi by thoughtful gifts that they’ll remember.

Here are some options that you can buy online from the comfort of your home.

For Your Fashionista Sister

A woman can never have enough clothes to wear. And we also never say no to shopping. No matter what the problems are, we always think that shopping is the solution. So, it’s the perfect and easiest way to make her happy and gift her the perfect outfit. This also applies to those who are running late to buy a gift. For those who are wanting to gift something additional apart from clothes, we have an option for that.

You can browse our premium collection of leather belts and gift her. They’re a part of almost every professional outfit, and most casual ones too. These belts are classic and irreplaceable.

Formal Belts: –

If your sister is the one who loves to carry herself in formals, this is the perfect Leather Belt that you can gift her. This leather belt can be paired up with any formal wear.  They are almost always black, brown, or tan, and made with leather or suede.









Casual Belts

Casual belts are all about adding styles. These belts are not necessarily meant to be matched with anything else in look, so your sister can definitely feel free to mix things up and incorporate one with pretty much any ensemble, except, of course, formal business attire.









For Your Sister who has Never Enough Footwear

There should always be the perfect footwear for every dress, and while Metro Shoes definitely serve the perfect pair, why not also give your sister the perfect Rakhi Gift so that she can pamper her feet! After all, footwear can be the best Raksha Bandhan Gifts she could ask for.

Slay with Stilettos

If your sister is the one who loves parties and is always into her own glamour world of adding new styles of clothes, accessories, and a shoe lover, then you are on the right page. Scroll down to add more styles in your sister shoedrobe and gift her a pair of stunning stilettos. She will definitely blow away with the choice you choose from Metro Shoes to gift her.









Grab a pair of Sneakers

This Raksha Bandhan, make sure your sibling looks their fashionable best by gifting them a shiny pair of sneakers from Metro Shoes. With minimalist designs, high spirit colors, finest leather with shock cushioning and sturdy gripping soles, the shoes will feel like a second skin for your sibling and will be the perfect Rakhi gift.









Turn the COVID blues!

2020 has been the most challenging year for all. It took a toll on everyone-emotionally as well as physically. In order to push away all of your corona-related blues, Von Wellx Germany has come up with footwear that is a mixture of care, fitness, and style, all bundled in one package.

The collection is a blend of multiple footwear types ranging from casual shoes, sandals, and slippers. This can be the best Raksha Bandhan gift you can give to your siblings.

Where modernity is confronted by tradition

We are pretty sure that these modern Indian style footwear will be loved by your sisters. We are talking about Indian style footwear; this style is preferred by all ladies. Your sister will definitely love this Modern Style Indian footwear. This footwear can be matched with any outfit, be it western wear or Indian. So, if you have a sister who loves to do a lot of mixes and match with her outfit and footwear, she will love this.

















For the sister who loves to carry bags.

Everyone knows how much girls like accessories. In fact, a handbag is one of the accessories they love to carry around. It’s also a perfect gift, as it amps your sisters’ quotient theme.

Practical and Convenient Leather Bag

Leather bags are those handpick bags that your sister will cherish always, in fact for years. We’re saying this because leather bags from Metro Shoes are the one which gives you premium quality of leather and durable leather. They are practical, convenient, and stylish which can be carried for any occasion.









Crafted with elegance.

No accessory is as important as a clutch for a party-loving lady. It takes her from drinks at the bar to a dance floor jamming. If your sister hates lugging around a handbag and is searching for a way to keep her phone and credit cards in place, then you need to show her this clutch bag.










Add a desi touch in bags.

Desi touch can go be wrong and gifting on this special occasion of Raksha Bandhan your sister will truly admire your choice. These stunning styles of bags from the house of Cheemo are handcrafted. These bags are enriched with great fabric and zari works that will let it shine down just like your sister.









These gifts for sisters are thoughtful, practical, and sure to make her feel loved. Isn’t’ it true how throughout the year we run behind each other’s lives, but suddenly on Raksha Bandhan, our love for each other erupts like anything. So, this Rakhi, break the traditional way of giving cash, let’s cherish this relationship with some special Rakhi gifts.